Monday, 7 June 2010

A bit of an Eton Mess!

This was dessert for a family party last weekend and it also doubled up as a treat for a good friend at work to help celebrate her birthday.  Despite the relatively heavy nature of the ingredients it actually comes up light and airy with same sharpness from the raspberries.

Ingredients (serves 12-16)

• Double cream - 2 pints

• Morello cherries (frozen or jar) -500g

• Raspberries (fresh or frozen) - 500g

• Icing sugar - 100g

• Raspberry essence - 2 tsp

• Lime juice - 1 tsp

• Meringues - 8 (individual size/3 inch)

• Mini marshmallow - 1 pkt (I use the Fiddlers Payne brand from the baking section in the supermarket)


1. Drain the fruit separately retaining the cherry juice

2. Combine the cream, sugar, essence and lime juice then beat until a stiff peak is achived

3. Using a metal spoon combine the fruit, crumbled meringues and 3/4 of the marshmallows into the cream mix

4. Place in an appropriate serving bowl I used a deep red Lalique fruit bowl!) and chill

5. Just before serving use a skewer or thin knitting needle and make holes in the mix, then pour a little of the retained cherry juice into the holes (it will spill over onto the top of the mix but this adds to the finish) and dot the remaining marshmallows on the top.

Traditionally this dish is made with strawberries but most soft fruit will work, again it is a personal choice.  You could also nappe some kirsch/cherry brandy over the top for a bit of a boozy effect or pre-soak the fruit in it!

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